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Yes indeed winter is here! But don't let that stop you from checking out some great buys this winter! 2015 is going to be a hotter year for sellers which means not so great for people still trying to get that bargain. Many sellers are much more flexible in the winter so get out there while things are still at "winter prices" !!!! Call us today! 

ATTENTION ALL WATERFRONT SELLERS AND BUYERS!!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO!! Tip of the day: SELLERS, if you are planning to sell and you are on or near the water including the Black river, you must find out if your in a flood zone. If you are then you will need to hire an surveyor/engineer to do an elevation certificate which will run $700-$1000. If you know you are already in a flood zone, you STILL need an elevation certificate as your buyer can not obtain a new flood insurance policy with out it. BUYERS: Please be prepared to pay some type of flood insurance, although with an elevation certificate it will drastically bring down the cost or possibly eliminate it from a flood zone all together! LOMA "Letter of map amendment" will take the parcel out of the FEMA flood zone all together. This is the last step a buyer can take after closing on the property to hopefully eventually remove from flood zone. Sellers you must act now, the few surveyors that can do the "Elevation certificates" will probably get very backed up in the summer and cause buyers to walk. Buyers, please have some patience, the superb agents here at Lake Ontario Realty LLC are trying to stay way ahead of this for you! Contact one of our outstanding agents today for more help and info! Todd O'Donnell-Lic RE Salesperson, Gail W Miller-Licensed RE Salesperson, Kim Call-Licensed RE Salesperson, Desiree L Webster Lic. RE Salesperson, Lois Aubin, Anne George, Jeanine Powell, Barb Mckeever, Patricia Aubin, Beth Hopkins, Linda Donaldson or Amanda Miller. http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/01/19/1-massive-threat-to-real-estate-across-the-country/
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you made it through the ice storm! LOL Happy new Year, may 2014 be the best yet!
Tip Of The Day: Ok folks, looks like summer might almost be here! So now is the time to get out and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer and enjoy every minute if it! You never know when the snow will be back so get out there and take full advantage! We live in one of the most beautiful areas on earth and have so  much to be thankful for! So get out there and visit the lakes and have fun!

Ok everyone, if you ever want to know where your agent has your home listed/advertised, there is an easy way to find out!

Just Google your address! Yep, that's right! All the online advertising will magically appear.

Happy Memorial Day weekend Everyone! Please be safe, have fun and remember what memorial day is all about!
Remember we have some incredible properties this summer, please call  us today to see them!

That's right! The best time to buy any kind of 2nd home or waterfront property is now! From the 1000 Islands, to Lake Ontario to all the little inlets, bays and inland lakes, the best selection is now. Peak season is Memorial day to Labor day and will offer the most inventory and is the best time of year to see what your getting! Call our office today and have an agent find you your perfect spot on the water today! 649-3434

Ok everyone, summer is on it's way! Don't forget to start feeding your lawn with good fertilizer and clean debris out of your gardens! Summer will be here soon and you want your lawn and gardens looking its best!

See you soon! Amanda